Why You Should Take the Stop-Gap Job

Why You Should Take the Stop-Gap Job
February 22, 2021 1 Comment Career Advice,Career Services,Professional Writing Lindsey Smith

It’s 2016, and with over 300 million people in the US alone it’s no wonder why the job market is as competitive as ever. With all the competition, landing the job of your dreams can be difficult. While there are thousands of articles, blog posts, and self-help books out there advising you on all the ways to spruce up your resume and how to ace your interview (check out a few from us here), none of them have touched on one very helpful and profitable suggestion — a Stop-Gap job.

“What’s a Stop-Gap job?” you ask. A Stop-Gap job is the job you wouldn’t take if you were gainfully employed. I first heard about this concept only a few months ago and immediately thought, “Why in the world do more people not do this?” Below are some benefits that can stem from taking the Stop-Gap job; and after reading them, I am sure you will have the same response that I had.

It’s All in the Name

The term Stop-Gap is pretty self-explanatory — it stops the gap. How many times have you gone on an interview only to have a hiring manger ask you about the gap in your work history? Hopefully, not too many times; but, of course, this is something that happens. Many people spend time in-between jobs only applying for jobs that they can’t immediately obtain. Sure, if you are lucky you might end up with a job offer right away, but time spent in-between jobs can last months. That time will eventually add up and will show on your resume, leaving you to explain why you were out of work for 2 months.

Time is Money

Yes, yes it is. And the time you spend working a Stop-Gap job, is time that you get paid for. Being unemployed is tough financially — your savings can only last so long — and struggling financially creates stress. Stress that could prevent you from presenting your best self to future employers. So, on top of being unemployed, you are now worried about paying next month’s bills. Taking a Stop-Gap job will remove some of that stress. No, you probably won’t be making the money you could be making if you landed some “grand position”, but a Stop-Gap job isn’t meant to be permanent. It is just a means of allowing you to earn money and continue on your way to bigger and better things — without the financial burden.

Can I Trust You?

A lot goes into hiring a new employee — forms upon forms and files and background checks. These things cost the company money and time. When you apply for large corporations, you are often competing with employees already within the company; which means they have already gone through the forms and the background checks. Their employers know their work history and have ran all the test. Hiring someone that has already gone through these processes makes their job easier. So, the Stop-Gap job that will provide you with some source of income and stop the gap, so to speak, will also have completed your background check, showing other employers that you’re qualified to work. There’s also some weird thing about wanting something that’s already taken.

I understand accepting a job that you normally wouldn’t could potentially hurt your pride, but a Stop-Gap job is just that — a job to stop the gap, and a gap is just a space between two places. So, why not take the job while you continue on to your next destination? If you are looking for more strategies for Job Hunting, look into our detailed guide, here, or check out the many other ways Modern Tailored Resumes can help you gain the employment you want.

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