Addressing Employment Gaps

Addressing Employment Gaps
March 3, 2021 Comments Off on Addressing Employment Gaps Resumes Russ Williams

Comprising a solid and impressive resume isn’t a quick and easy task but it is well worth the invested time when you consider that this is your first impression on employers. However, there are certain negative things that your resume can say about you without you even realizing it. One of these is presented through employment gaps.

Gaps Create Red Flags

You’ll find that most of the resume writing services that exist will encourage you to be as thorough as possible when it comes to filling out your employment history. When a company sees considerable unexplained gaps in your work history, it throws up red flags. Spans of time unaccounted for are not explained on a resume. Because of this company’s may see this as a lack of drive, a potential problematic employee that will likely be fired down the line, or someone who is trying to hide something from them.

Combating Resume Gaps

The best thing that you can do when you are constructing your resume is recognize these gaps and account for them in some way. Perhaps you took time off of work to parent your young child while your spouse worked. Maybe you were seeking out education to land a better paying job. Perhaps you were simply unemployed and unfortunate to find another position for a long period of time.

Explaining Gaps

Be clear about what you were doing in these times, and if negative, attempt to spin the situation by providing things that you did through this period that might have made you more of an asset to the company looking to hire you. These things should not be listed in your resume however. Instead devote a small section in your cover letter to explain any major gaps, but don’t focus on it.


Make certain that you are taking the time to create a resume that gives off the best impression possible and sets you apart from others also vying for the job. If you are currently unemployed consider taking a stop-gap job so your resume can continue to grow.

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