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Tailoring Your Resume To Land The Job
Image Career Advice Melanie Green

Applying for jobs is a full time job. Each and every job you apply for needs to be evaluated carefully, and your resume needs to be steered in the direction of showcasing your talents towards that specific job. Tailoring your resume to the job is a phrase that gets thrown around often, but do you

Triassic Media Group Launches Resume Writing Service
Image Professional Writing Lindsey Smith

TAMPA, FL: Triassic Media Group, a local B2B content marketing company, launches a new resume writing service called Modern Tailored Resumes. The new service, offered along with their traditional B2B copywriting and editing services, aims to meet a demand they’ve noticed with their own customers who want high quality resume writing services. Potential customers call

Tips for Acing Your Interview
Image Career Advice,Career Services Russ Williams

When a person goes in for a job interview hiring managers will know that they are nervous. They still expect candidates to perform as their best professional self. Here are some tips to help you ace the interview and stand out against the competition. 1. Research the company Do a simple online search and find

5 Elements of a Successful Resume
Image Career Advice,Professional Writing Lindsey Smith

So you’ve found a great job posting and want to apply. What next? Do you have a resume? If not, that should be your first order of business. And if you want your resume to look its best, here are five elements that you should, well, employ. 1. Use a professional email address You wouldn’t

Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting
Image Career Advice Melanie Green

Looking for a job can cause you to be stressed-out and anxious. You may not be thinking clearly and may make some mistakes that can end up hurting your chances of getting hired. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when job hunting. 1. Not following directions When applying for a job be sure to

Keeping Your Resume Simple and Professional
Image Career Advice,Professional Writing Russ Williams

Time is money – your time and your prospective employer’s time. Overthinking a resume will only lead to a wordy, complex, and time-consuming resume that will be thrown into the trashcan before it is even considered by a prospective employer. In order to write a professional resume, take into account time management. You’ve heard it

3 Letters Keeping You From an Interview
Image Career Services,Professional Writing Russ Williams

Most people don’t understand why it’s so difficult for them to land a job interview. Mainly because they don’t know the system — ATS, or applicant tracking systems are used by employers to filter out and break down resumes based on keywords. This scan can actively work against you if you don’t know how to

5 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Interview
Image Career Advice Lindsey Smith

Okay, you’re ready — You’ve refined your resume over-and-over and finally received an invitation for an interview. However, what’s the use of that great polished resume if you fail to succeed in the interview process? It’s easy to make mistakes during the process —  you’re nervous, excited, and anxious to land a new position. Here are a