Checklist: How to Find and Get a New Job

Checklist: How to Find and Get a New Job
June 4, 2020 No Comments Job Search Modern_Tailored

Finding a new job can seem overwhelming. Maybe you’ve been let go of your last job and need a new job fast. Or perhaps you’re so busy with your current job that you can’t imagine ever having the time to devote to the job hunt. Either way, use this handy checklist to find and land your next job.

  1. Identify the Kind of Job and Salary You Want
  2. Create a Job Search Strategy (i.e., how many applications a day)
  3. Update Your Resume
  4. Let Friends and Family Know You’re Looking for a New Job
  5. Apply More Than You Planned To
  6. Customize Your Cover Letter
  7. Send Followup Letters for Outstanding Applications
  8. Alert References to the Job Search
  9. Attend Networking Meetings
  10. Practice Your Interview Skills
  11. Send Thank You Notes to Interviewers
  12. Give Two Weeks Notice


If you need help with any of these tasks, email us at info@moderntailored We’re happy to help.

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