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How to Find a Job While Working Full-Time
Image Career Services,Job Search,Tips Russ Williams

If you’ve made the decision to change jobs, you’re probably one of the many people each year that will begin searching for a new job. Fortunately, you still have a job to hold you over until you find a better one. Job searching can be difficult if you don’t have a plan. Here’s how to

How to Write a Thank You Letter
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Following up is an important part of your job search strategy. Most people miss out on this important opportunity to stay relevant in a company’s employee search process. Sending a thank you letter is important, but it must be written in the right way. Here is how to write a thank you letter: Address it

Great “Weaknesses” During a Job Interview
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There are some questions that always seem to pop up during a job interview, such as what you did in your last job and what your strengths are. Most people don’t know what to say when an employer asks about your weaknesses. You don’t want to say anything that would hurt your chances of getting

How to Improve Your Chances After a Job Interview 
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Finding a new job is a process, and most job searches fail because people end the process too early. A well-planned resume and perfectly executed interview are important steps, but the process doesn’t end there. If you want that new job, then follow through to the last step: the follow-up. Here’s three ways to improve your

What Nobody Wants to Read on Your Cover Letter
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You need a strong cover letter in your job search that highlights why you’re the best candidate for this particular job. Most applicants fail to write a cover letter that helps them get an interview or further consideration. Here are some of the things applicants include that hurt their chances. Your Entire Life Story Many

What to Wear on a Job Interview
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Going to a job interview can be stressful. You want to make the best impression, prove you’ll fit into corporate culture, and land the job of your dreams. This can be a difficult task when first impressions and flash judgements can knock you out of the running from just a single glance. You want to

3 Worst Things to Say to Employers
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If you were an employer for a day, you might find yourself surprised to hear what job applicants say to employers during interviews, at job fairs, and at a networking event. While you might not say these things intentionally, they do get said. To increase your chances of getting the job, make sure you don’t

The Most Hidden Secret About Career Transitions
Image Career Advice Melanie Green

I sat at a booth at a local university’s internship fair. Young twenty-somethings dressed in ill-fitting suits their parents bought them. I knew there would be low turnout for writing majors because there always was. Writers become harder to find each year. A frantic young woman came over to me, with her arms flailing about.