Things To Never Put On Your Resume

Things To Never Put On Your Resume
August 7, 2020 Comments Off on Things To Never Put On Your Resume Career Services,Professional Writing Melanie Green

Your resume is without a doubt one of the most important documents you will ever write. This is because it contains not only vital information about you, but also specifics to your professional life – your past work history, your important skill set, and your achievements and talents (not to mention sensitive and secure information). A lot of people focus on what should be highlighted in a CV, when they really should look more towards what shouldn’t be. Do you have information on your resume that is preventing you from landing an interview? Read on to find out if your resume contains some things that should NEVER be on your resume.

There are several things that are better left off your CV. Here is a couple that might suggest your resume needs some cleaning up.

Crazy Objectives On Your Resume

Objective statements are outdated. Though they may seem helpful in informing Hiring Managers that you are looking for a position within the industry and that you could “be an essential asset” to their company, it is best left off. Objective statements are outlandish and overconfident and will definitely not persuade Hiring Managers to read the rest of your resume.


Irrelevant Information

This one is simple, if you have any job experience listed on your CV that is irrelevant to the job opening you are applying for or is simply outdated (do not go back more 10 years), take it off. You should only list job experiences on your resume that is pertinent to the position you are applying for. “But I don’t have any real experience in the field I want to enter.” If that is the case, by all means include it, any experience is better than none, but don’t list information that won’t apply well in your desired entry field.

These are just two of several things that you should never include on your CV. An entire list could fill a short novella. Having a well put together and professionally written resume is something every business professional should have.

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