A Few Resume “Don’ts” to Know Before You Apply

A Few Resume “Don’ts” to Know Before You Apply
February 19, 2021 Comments Off on A Few Resume “Don’ts” to Know Before You Apply Career Advice Lindsey Smith

Having a great resume is essential when a person is looking for a job. Developing a professional resume is not as easy as most people think and there are some things that a person should not put on your resume according to hiring managers.

1. Don’t state the obvious

Do not include the word “resume” anywhere on your document. An employer will know what they are looking at and writing resume can be insulting.

2. Don’t date the resume

You may use the same resume for a period of time. The only dates that should be put on a resume are the dates regarding past employment experiences. Only include a graduation year with your education if it was recent.

3. Don’t forget contact information

What use is your resume if an employer cannot get in contact with you after reviewing it? The employer should be able to easily locate and identify ways to get in touch with you. Other personal information, such as your date of birth, gender, race, hobbies, and social security numbers should in no way be included on your resume. Most of that information is provided for the employer in the actual application.

4. Don’t attach a picture

An employer must follow Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines and would prefer not to look at the candidates to ensure that happens. This will help them make a fair decision and eliminate any bias.

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