Tailoring Your Resume To Land The Job

Tailoring Your Resume To Land The Job
February 18, 2021 Comments Off on Tailoring Your Resume To Land The Job Career Advice Melanie Green

Applying for jobs is a full time job. Each and every job you apply for needs to be evaluated carefully, and your resume needs to be steered in the direction of showcasing your talents towards that specific job. Tailoring your resume to the job is a phrase that gets thrown around often, but do you know what it means? It is not easy, and it can take time. But this will make you standout from the other job applicants.


1. Understand the job description

When you come across a position that you are interested in applying for, take your time to read the job description, requirements, and company information carefully. These sections of the job advertisement will hold key words you will want to include in your resume. Furthermore, the description will tell you exactly what the employer is looking for. Consider all of the options available. Think carefully about all of your education and experience and what is applicable.


2. Decide what is what is merely helpful

Once you fully understand what the company is looking for, review your most recent resume. Take notes and highlight what you believe this particular employer would be interested in knowing. Have you done similar work such as required in the description? Have you held a position with a similar function? Also, look for things completely outside the realm of what the job is. Perhaps you had a previous internship that sounds good on paper, but does it match the job description – irrelevant information should be excluded. Make notes along your resume to determine what is relevant and helpful and what is not.


3. Conform your resume to reflect your notes

The next step is to adjust your resume to reflect what you have determined. When examining your bullet points for each position you have held, place the most relevant first. Remove anything that is completely out of scope. Remember to save all of your documents separately. Something that is not relevant for this position may be for another!

4. Think like a hiring manger

Put yourself in the employer’s shoes to determine what they would want to see from you. Tailoring your resume to the job will place you on the top of the potential candidate list.

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