Keeping Your Resume Simple and Professional

Keeping Your Resume Simple and Professional
December 13, 2020 Comments Off on Keeping Your Resume Simple and Professional Career Advice,Professional Writing Russ Williams

Time is money – your time and your prospective employer’s time. Overthinking a resume will only lead to a wordy, complex, and time-consuming resume that will be thrown into the trashcan before it is even considered by a prospective employer. In order to write a professional resume, take into account time management. You’ve heard it a million-and-one times — keep it simple!

Only Include Relevant Achievements

If you won an English and literature academic award 10 years ago in your sophomore year of college, but you are looking to apply for a job in accounting, you should avoid including this information on your resume. Not only do these outdated achievements take up space, but they are often irrelevant to the position you desire. Filter through all of your achievements and mold your resume around the job you wish to pursue.

Choose a Simple and Clean Layout

Many word processors offer several templates to choose from when building your resume. In order to appear professional, it is best to pick the simplest resume. Don’t waste time on decorative fonts, outlandish colors, or complex designs. A simple layout will draw the attention of a prospective employer and it will be easier for them to read. The key to a simple, successful resume is the ability to read it with ease.

Draw Attention to Your Best Skill Sets

Well-rounded individuals are great job candidates, but avoid focusing on minor skills. It is irrelevant to mention your culinary skills if you are applying for a marketing position. Other skills are simply assumed and should not be displayed on resumes — it’s 2016, everyone knows how to use Word — and they take up space. Remember, the key is to keep it simple and precise.

Resumes do not have to be flamboyant and overly detailed. Many employers don’t have the time to spare to consider a resume that’s disorganized and complicated. Take advantage of simple layouts, relevant achievements, and your best skill sets.

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