Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting

Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting
December 14, 2020 1 Comment Career Advice Melanie Green

Looking for a job can cause you to be stressed-out and anxious. You may not be thinking clearly and may make some mistakes that can end up hurting your chances of getting hired. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when job hunting.

1. Not following directions

When applying for a job be sure to follow all the directions. If a company is not accepting electronic applications do not email them your application. If they are accepting applications online be sure to complete all sections of the application. Many people do not read directions in their entirety and this is something hiring managers pay attention to. If the directions are not followed they will immediately move on to the next applicant.

2. Not proofreading

Many applicants submit their documents, including their resume and cover letter, without proofreading it. Basic grammar mistakes and spelling errors will make hiring managers think that you are careless and do not take the time to check your work. Showing a lack of attention to detail is sure to disqualify you for the job.

3. Not behaving professionally

This is becoming a huge issue for employers. Even when going to ask for an application you should behave professionally. Avoid looking at your cell phone — it should be put on silent and should not be used at all when speaking to a possible employer. Keeping your phone tucked away will show that you take your work seriously and can break away from your social life to remain professional.

It is important to be professional at all times and to follow directions completely. This can make all the difference in getting hired.

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