How to Write a Thank You Letter

How to Write a Thank You Letter
November 16, 2020 Comments Off on How to Write a Thank You Letter Job Search Russ Williams

Following up is an important part of your job search strategy. Most people miss out on this important opportunity to stay relevant in a company’s employee search process. Sending a thank you letter is important, but it must be written in the right way. Here is how to write a thank you letter:

Address it Properly

Every letter begins with the address and salutation. In the head of the letter, provide the mailing details. Address your thank you letter to the person that you interviewed with. Sending an impersonal letter to “To Whom It May Concern” is not an effective way to stand out from the other candidates, even if you are the only one that sent a thank you letter.

Highlight the Good Parts of the Interview

The body of your thank you letter focuses on the reasons why you are a good fit for the position. It should consist of two paragraphs. The first paragraph highlights the three key reasons why you are the best choice for the company based on your experience and qualifications. Refer to your resume and any notes on the job that you have. These are usually the reasons why you wanted to apply for this position in the first place.

The second paragraph of your thank you letter focuses on the good parts of your interview. Think about your interview or look at your notes, and pick up to three positive things that came up in the interview process. These are events like the interviewer thinks one of your certifications is special, or you answered a tough question with a response that the interviewer thinks is particularly well-explained. Then, highlight those events in the paragraph to remind the interviewer of how well the interview went.

Finish Strong by Bringing It Together

In the final paragraph, reiterate the key reason that you are perfect for this position. Then, invite the interviewer to continue the conversation by extending an offer to contact you. This will let them know that the process does not need to be over. The letter should end with a complimentary close such as “Best Regards” or “Thank You” and your printed signature. Leave space for you to sign the letter by hand. Print the letter, sign it, and mail it to the interviewer as soon as possible.

Thank You Letter Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure that your thank you letter is ready before you send it off:

    • Formatting
      • Header uses the interviewer’s Name, Address, and Company Name
      • The salutation uses the interviewer’s name.
      • The complimentary close is personalized
      • There is space to sign the letter
      • The font matches your resume and cover letter
    • Content
      • Paragraph 1
        • Good fit reason 1
        • Good fit reason 2
        • Good fit reason 3
      • Paragraph 2
        • Good interview event 1
        • Good interview event 2
        • Good interview event 3
      • Paragraph 3
        • The best reason why you’re a perfect fit
        • Invitation to contact
        • Includes your contact information
      • Mailing
        • The address is correct and visible in/on the envelop
        • The letter has been spellchecked
        • The letter has been grammar-checked
        • You signed the letter
        • The envelope is properly sealed
        • There is a proper amount of postage on the envelop
        • The return address is correct
        • The letter is in the mail promptly!


Sending a thank you letter is an important part of your job search process. It helps you continue the process past the interview which raises your chances of getting the job. Use this information make sure that your thank you letter is done write. If you need help creating a thank you letter, try the resources available here.

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