Impress Your Interviewer

Impress Your Interviewer
February 28, 2021 Comments Off on Impress Your Interviewer Career Advice,interview,Tips Lindsey Smith

First impressions are a vital part of landing the position you want. Most people get rejected for being unprofessional, not looking the part, or acting like they don’t really want the job. Of course, sometimes it’s nerves that can get in the way, but there’s a very easy way to prevent that and help you nail that interview and be one step closer to getting hired. So, be calm, confident and happy.

A good start to impressing your interviewer is to make sure you’re dressed professionally and look like you genuinely want to be there for the job. However, this is not the only thing that you should focus on. Your appearance actually only makes up 10% of what the recruiters will take away from your interview.

Your attitude makes up the rest. 90% of what the interviewer takes away all depends on how you act and respond to the surrounding environment. That doesn’t mean you have to answer everything calmly and perfectly, but rather on how you handle your nerves. Will you remain positive? Or crack under pressure?

Personality is also factored in. The level of friendliness you should show depends on what position you are interview for. If it’s a retail or customer service kind of position, then make sure you smile and keep a nice and cheery disposition during the interview. If it’s a position in a company or business, then tone down the smile and act calm and collected, but not cold!

The first impression is how everyone remembers you, especially if it was a good one. If you walk into the interview confident and friendly, you’re more likely to get hired than someone who went in slouching and not smiling. Your overall presentation in the interview really tells them all they need to know, even more so than what you’re talking about. If your nerves are feeling too jittery, try to calm yourself and just keep smiling.

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