3 Letters Keeping You From an Interview

3 Letters Keeping You From an Interview
December 12, 2020 Comments Off on 3 Letters Keeping You From an Interview Career Services,Professional Writing Russ Williams

Most people don’t understand why it’s so difficult for them to land a job interview. Mainly because they don’t know the system — ATS, or applicant tracking systems are used by employers to filter out and break down resumes based on keywords. This scan can actively work against you if you don’t know how to tailor your resume and overcome the system. The days of human review are gone, replaced by new technology, so likely, a person won’t see your resume for several cycles — meaning you, and your skills, are being over looked. Don’t get frustrated, there is hope. Here’s how you can start breaking through.

Get started

Job hunting is hard work. You are competing with thousands of people for the same job, so sell yourself according to the job posting. Yes, you will have to reword your resume every time just to get through the ATS scan. It’s worth the extra work if it means landing the job you want.

Use keywords

Reading the job description in its entirety and pick out what keywords are used. The job description may call for “10 years of experience in management with skills in team building.” You shouldn’t lie, but be creative. If you were ever a team leader, business owner, or project captain — that’s relative experience. Utilizing as many keywords from the posting as possible, effectively and confidently explain your skills and accomplishments relevant to the job you are applying for.

Keep the end goal in mind

Your education is important as well. Job postings might require a Bachelor’s degree that you don’t have. But once again, be creative. Are you enrolled in school? Do you seriously plan to re-enroll? If yes, list what education you are pursuing, or planning to pursue, on the resume. The goal is to get your resume into the hands of a human. The situation can be further explained once you get the interview.

Knowing the ATS scan and how it works should help you in your job search. Remember, it’s all about keywords and getting the computer to pass you forward instead of deleting your resume from the system. If you feel like you’re not exactly sure how to utilize the keywords needed, let a professional resume writer handle it. The team at Modern Tailored Resumes is waiting to help you break through the system! Check out all the services we have to offer here.

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