How to Follow Up On Online Applications — A Case Study

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How to Follow Up On Online Applications — A Case Study
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With so many companies relying on online job applications, we wanted to know what our clients could do to increase their chances of getting an interview. We conducted a test to see what prospective job candidates could do to force a job interview. Research already shows that candidates have a better chance of landing the

Editing Your Resume
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When submitting your resume to an employer, it is imperative that the grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and syntax is perfect. Even the smallest errors can sabotage your chances at the job you are trying to land. Regardless of the type of job, or whether or not any writing is involved, when an employer sees a

What Your Behavior At Job Fairs Says About You
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We’re a writing company, so we hire writers. At a recent job fair, our booth sat next to a large accounting firm’s booth. A long line of recent graduates who majored in accounting formed along the entire aisle because they did on-site interviews. After the event, we talked to the HR people for the accounting

Avoid Generic Resumes
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If you’re sending the same resume to every company you’re applying for, you are probably hurting your chances at being seriously considered for the position. When you print fifty copies of your resume and cover letter and begin it with “to whom it may concern,” the people receiving your resume know exactly what you’re doing.

One Mistake That Can Ruin Your Resume
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The one mistake that can ruin your resume? Mistakes. A recent study by a national employment website found that one out of four executives will throw a resume in the garbage (or hit the “delete” button) as soon as they spot a typo. Ouch! All the hard work you put into drafting and creating a

How Long Should Your Resume Be?
Image Professional Writing,Resumes Lindsey Smith

You may think that a 6-page resume looks impressive.  You have every accomplishment you’ve ever achieved since your High School elected you the best Junior Entrepreneur, and you may think that a long resume will show your future employer how much you have done and how much you can do. However, the reality is that

Is Your Objective Statement Holding You Back?
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Few pieces of writing are more universally required than the resume. An individual wishing to apply for a job or advance within a company must put out at least one copy. Unfortunately, there are many potential errors a person can make that negatively affect their opportunities. Including a Career Objective, or Objective Statement, ranks high

Including Travel Experience in Your Cover letter
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When drafting your resume, remember that while potential employers are searching for motivated, hard-working individuals, they’re also looking for an amiable addition to their team. A future employer’s first impression of you is through your cover letter and resume. They may be searching their content for more than just adequate writing skills and accomplishments. Including