How to Be More Desirable to Employers

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How to Be More Desirable to Employers
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Even if you love your current job, there will be a time when you want to find a different one. Maybe your current employer will downsize and necessitate a career change. Perhaps you’ll want to find a position that challenges you in new ways. The job search process isn’t fun for anyone. Here are some

Why You Should Take the Stop-Gap Job
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It’s 2016, and with over 300 million people in the US alone it’s no wonder why the job market is as competitive as ever. With all the competition, landing the job of your dreams can be difficult. While there are thousands of articles, blog posts, and self-help books out there advising you on all the

5 Surprising Job Search Tips
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When you’re in the middle of a job search, the process of finding the right job can seem ineffective and overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you need that first great job after college or if you need a job after getting laid-off unexpectedly. Here are five job search tips you might not have thought of

One Thing You Should Never Include on Your Resume
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Your resume plays a dire role in your search for a job. Ask any employer or even a professional resume writing service, and they will verify that fact. A resume contains several important factors. One of the key parts that you often spot at the very top is the job objective. What is a job

A Few Resume “Don’ts” to Know Before You Apply
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Having a great resume is essential when a person is looking for a job. Developing a professional resume is not as easy as most people think and there are some things that a person should not put on your resume according to hiring managers. 1. Don’t state the obvious Do not include the word “resume” anywhere

Tailoring Your Resume To Land The Job
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Applying for jobs is a full time job. Each and every job you apply for needs to be evaluated carefully, and your resume needs to be steered in the direction of showcasing your talents towards that specific job. Tailoring your resume to the job is a phrase that gets thrown around often, but do you

Triassic Media Group Launches Resume Writing Service
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TAMPA, FL: Triassic Media Group, a local B2B content marketing company, launches a new resume writing service called Modern Tailored Resumes. The new service, offered along with their traditional B2B copywriting and editing services, aims to meet a demand they’ve noticed with their own customers who want high quality resume writing services. Potential customers call

Tips for Acing Your Interview
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When a person goes in for a job interview hiring managers will know that they are nervous. They still expect candidates to perform as their best professional self. Here are some tips to help you ace the interview and stand out against the competition. 1. Research the company Do a simple online search and find