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Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting
Image Career Advice Melanie Green

Looking for a job can cause you to be stressed-out and anxious. You may not be thinking clearly and may make some mistakes that can end up hurting your chances of getting hired. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when job hunting. 1. Not following directions When applying for a job be sure to

Keeping Your Resume Simple and Professional
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Time is money – your time and your prospective employer’s time. Overthinking a resume will only lead to a wordy, complex, and time-consuming resume that will be thrown into the trashcan before it is even considered by a prospective employer. In order to write a professional resume, take into account time management. You’ve heard it

3 Letters Keeping You From an Interview
Image Career Services,Professional Writing Russ Williams

Most people don’t understand why it’s so difficult for them to land a job interview. Mainly because they don’t know the system — ATS, or applicant tracking systems are used by employers to filter out and break down resumes based on keywords. This scan can actively work against you if you don’t know how to

5 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Interview
Image Career Advice Lindsey Smith

Okay, you’re ready — You’ve refined your resume over-and-over and finally received an invitation for an interview. However, what’s the use of that great polished resume if you fail to succeed in the interview process? It’s easy to make mistakes during the process —  you’re nervous, excited, and anxious to land a new position. Here are a

Things To Never Put On Your Resume
Image Career Services,Professional Writing Melanie Green

Your resume is without a doubt one of the most important documents you will ever write. This is because it contains not only vital information about you, but also specifics to your professional life – your past work history, your important skill set, and your achievements and talents (not to mention sensitive and secure information).

How to Use Your Career Bundle Package
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If you’ve made the first big step toward improving your job search, getting a career bundle package, then you are ready to start your job search. The career bundle is a great way to manage your job search for better results. If you have your bundle ready, then here is how to use your career bundle

Best Resume Advice Posts
Image Resumes Modern_Tailored

At Modern Tailored Resumes, we’ve written a lot about resumes, how to craft one, and other best practices. Here are some of our favorite posts. 1. How many years of experience should be included on your resume? 2. How Many Jobs Should Be On Your Resume? 3. Avoid Generic Resumes 4. Updating Your Resume: Avoiding Formatting Mistakes 5. Editing Your

Bad Job Search Habits
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Even if you have the best job hunting intentions, you may have bad job search habits you aren’t aware about. Here are some bad job search habits to look out for. 1. Applying to Too Few Jobs It may feel like a lot of work to apply to a job. Sometimes you have to fill