What Your Behavior At Job Fairs Says About You

What Your Behavior At Job Fairs Says About You
January 6, 2021 Comments Off on What Your Behavior At Job Fairs Says About You Career Advice,interview,Job Search Modern_Tailored

We’re a writing company, so we hire writers. At a recent job fair, our booth sat next to a large accounting firm’s booth. A long line of recent graduates who majored in accounting formed along the entire aisle because they did on-site interviews. After the event, we talked to the HR people for the accounting company about what people did while in line.

Put Down Your Phone

It’s unbelievable just how many people played Pokemon Go or read through their Facebook newsfeeds while waiting in line. It made candidates look bad and disinterested, as they were simply going through the motions. When you wait in line for an interview, look interested and put down your phone. If you can’t stay off your phone during the hiring process, what does this say about your future work habits?

Treat Other Employers Respectfully

Some of these accounting wannabes sat on our booth display because they didn’t feel like standing in line. On the other side, they dragged their messenger bags across a different booth’s table cloth so it fell off. The accounting firm noticed these disrespectful behaviors and won’t choose these candidates. Plus, you never know who’s hiring an accountant, so be nice to everyone.

Finding a job is tough, we get it. But in the United States, employers routinely cite that their problem is with the lack of quality candidates. Do yourself a favor and watch your behavior at hiring events. This way you’ll be able to be the quality candidate they need.

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